Bobcat Work for Junk Removal in Yucaipa, CA


If your property contains mountains of junk, we’re here to help. Whether it’s yard waste, old appliances, or plain old trash, we’ll ensure that your property is clear and ready to move on to better use. We can help clean up your property inside and out and dispose of all nonhazardous materials.

Contact the expert junk haulers at Henry’s Junk Removal in Yucaipa, CA, to discuss your property’s junk removal needs, including Bobcat work services. When you have large amounts of junk or junk that is large in size, you may have difficulty imagining a team of individual people clearing it out by hand. At Henry’s Junk Removal, we know that large-scale junk removal is best handled with a Bobcat.

How Does a Bobcat Work?

Bobcat makes a variety of excavators and loaders that allow people to lift heavy and cumbersome loads that we would not be able to otherwise. At Henry’s Junk Removal, our team is experienced with handling Bobcat equipment to clear properties of junk without causing harm to the property. We know which equipment is best for every junk-hauling task that comes our way.

We use excavators and loaders to scoop up piles of small debris and trash — from piles of sand to stacks of glass bottles — and move the junk to the back of our truck beds for removal from the premises. We also have an attachment for our Bobcat loader that acts as a large metal claw that can grab all kinds of junk. We use it to grab things like timber and metal scrap.

Our Bobcat work services make quick work of your junk removal project. Our friendly staff will remove everything promptly such that you can move on with your purposes for your property.

What Do You Clean Up?

In short, we remove any nonhazardous junk. We help clean up construction sites, commercial buildings, homes, and yards — wherever you need us to remove junk, we’ll get the job done promptly and professionally.

Contact us at (909) 654-8274 to get a free quote on your junk removal services today.